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I’m staying UP!

Think Positive, believe you are there


I’ve gotten to where I am because of my thoughts. I’ve achieved and attained my goals because of my positive thoughts. I am up now, and I am reaching heights. Today, I remind myself that I am up and for this, I am grateful. For this, I am also hopeful that I will continue to attract what is good and happy, by continuing this positivity.

I will love myself and respect myself. I will rise above my weaknesses and invest my time on higher things.

I believe in my power to create my own destiny; that I have been given free will to create a better and the best life for myself.

I am vibrating positive energy: Om Sharavana Bhavaya Namaha.

I will start again with thinking positive thoughts and fostering positive feelings from the start of my day when I get up until I sleep at night and even while I sleep!

I know that I will find that happiness; that gorgeous, sweet, good, wealthy in every way, funny, romantic, smart, caring, kind, fun, loving, wise, happy, very positive man of my life.

I accept these gifts with my whole heart. The gifts of happiness, true and joyous love, prosperity and abundance, good health and fullness of life.


My immediate wish is captured in the photo below. Such pure joy and peace from such sweet and pure love! It’s a wish I do not wish to fear, but one I would like to welcome. The kind of love that uplifts, makes life brighter, lighter, happier, sweeter! And of course, flowers! The good, positive thoughts and feelings evoked by flowers. Vibrance, colour, contentment, breath of peace/calmness, a spirit rejoicing amidst such beauty (the beauty of love and God’s creations, God making all these possible). This is my wish and I am sending it out there, placing my order, and waiting for it with eager anticipation🙂Image



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Was able to take a photo with a huge manta ray swimming by!

Was able to take a photo with a huge manta ray swimming by!

Another dream come true. I made it to Tubbataha as an Open Water Diver. Had the time of my life. It’s truly another one of life’s precious blessings and a rare adventure!

Rare sighting of a Guitar Shark. Last sighting was five years ago. A very rare guitar-shaped fish, it has the head of a manta and body of a shark.

Rare sighting of a Guitar Shark. Last sighting was five years ago. A very rare guitar-shaped fish, it has the head of a manta and body of a shark.

With my Tubbataha 2013 dive group. Diverse as we may be, we have one thing in common, our love for animals and nature

With my Tubbataha 2013 dive group. Diverse as we may be, we have one thing in common, our love for animals and nature

With the noble marine park rangers of the Tubbataha Reefs National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site

With the noble marine park rangers of the Tubbataha Reefs National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site

I want to fully focus on social performance in my current role and for this to be my area of expertise, no longer required by my superiors to do my previous role of internal communications. As a Communications practitioner (CX), I’d like to have opportunities to hone stakeholder engagement skills, and be a master of resolving issues and building mutual gains, and building reputation through reputation management and campaigning.

Ever since I’ve heard about the Tubbataha Reefs National Park (Tubbataha) and how it is one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) dive spots in the Philippines (and the world), I’ve added it in my bucket list of life adventures I must experience.

I just received an invitation to visit to Tubbataha this April as part of my work, since we are involved in the effort to conserve and protect the reef.

I’m now learning how to dive so that I won’t miss out on the full experience.

I thank the heavens for the blessing and pray/ask that it will be a purely positive experience cleared of all obstacles and negative energy — and with the experience to be filled only with wonder, awe, beauty, pure joy at marveling at God’s wondrous creations, fellowship and gratitude.

I life these up. Amen.

Every time I travel abroad, I’m secretly wishing to meet someone, on the plane (my soul mate being randomly seated next to me!), or while I’m on a tour (we’d get to know each other because of a funny circumstance or a coincidence and we’d end up having such a long heart, mind and soul connecting conversation). So many possibilities and I am hoping The Lord will surprise me (even if I am always waiting for the surprise!).

I’d like to meet that someone — not just any someone but The One who will be my Special Someone, the man of my dreams, who will make me so wonderfully and completely happy.

May he be all that I’ve ever knowingly (and even unknowingly) desired inside and out and may I be his pure source of joy and love.

I’m ready for a relationship. I’d like us to travel the world together, experience life’s beauty together. I look forward to our meeting! I am so excited.

Wish Lists: Blond, blue eyes, smart, intelligent, wealthy, successful, adventurous, kindhearted, loving

The transformed character of Kyle Kingston (Hunter) in the movie about true love “Beastly”


Miracles do happen. How do I even begin? So many things were going wrong about my trip to China.

  1. Of all the Visa Notification Letters from the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry that were being sent out to my colleagues (about 19 of them), only mine was left behind! There was a long holiday for the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) so the Visa Notification Letter approvals got delayed and mine was the only one that wasn’t included in the first batch that was processed.
  2. The package with my Visa Notification Letter coming from China wasn’t going to make it in time for my visa application.
  3. The visa release time would not enable me to make it in time for my flight to China.

But I kept the faith and tried to maintain a positive outlook. Good things started happening:

  1. My mom reminded me that I had a cousin who works for DHL! My cousin was able to flag my package as priority for delivery as soon as it arrived in the country.
  2. I was able to submit my Visa Notification Approval to the Embassy just before the cutoff time of the Embassy for processing applications.
  3. I emailed a Consul friend (who I haven’t communicated with in ages) for help. Luckily, he answered right away. He referred my call for help to his colleague in the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and they gave the Chinese Embassy a call to assist in releasing my visa by 9am on the day of my flight, instead of their usual 11am or 12noon release time.
  4. With my luggage in tow, my Chinese visa was released and I went straight to the airport for my flight! Talk about photo finish!

God bless all those people who helped me along the way … those who facilitated, commiserated, prayed and worked on my documents – travel agency people included, and of course my bosses who supported my trip and my fellow traveling colleagues who cheered me on.

My China experience was unrivaled as I definitely made the most of it having gone through so much just to be able to make the trip. It was worthwhile.

Again, the Law of Attraction at work. Om Sharavana Bhavaya Namaha …

Sitting on the Great Wall of China

Sitting on the Great Wall of China


I need my visa!

I need my visa to go to China! I am placing this wish out there. Please let my visa notification approval arrive asap and please let me have my visa in time for my trip. Let all move swiftly and smoothly, please. Help me to have faith, to think positive, to claim it, to believe and to receive.  All shall be well. I lift this up.

If I’ve been doubting lately and feeling pessimistic, then I ask now to be filled with faith and hope. It will be a fruitful trip. Amen.

Lord, increase my faith! Chinese Visa

How I want my guy to look ;-)

Thick, sexy hair that would be pleasant to run your hands through, intensely piercing blue eyes, angular jaw, tangos na ilong! (hehe), kissable lips, soft cleft chin, broad shoulders, silky sun kissed skin, strong chest with a light dusting of hair, perfectly defined abs, lovely strong arm and leg muscles, sweet and sexy smile only meant for me. Purrfect! Hmmm.

This blog isn’t just about evidence of the law of attraction. It is also about desires, wishes and dreams. I’m placing my order to the Universe and below is what I pick from the catalogue. Super excited and can’t wait for my order-package, my precious gift to arrive!🙂

Ideal Man


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